What is CREED63?

CREED is an inclusive space for the community and entrepreneurs to come together to work, create and be inspired. It stands for Community, Resources, Entrepreneurship, Education, Development.

Are you a Co-Working Space?

Yes, we are an engaging shared workspace that promotes culture and community. The mission of CREED is to assist in the economic development and historical dignity of the local community of the National Historic Civil Rights District and its entrepreneurs by way of providing a space that is vibrant, promotes culture, and assists entrepreneurs through community programming, business resources, small business startup education and the development of sustainability programming for community business owners.

Which Membership plan is right for me?

We have a number of membership options, for the various stages of entrepreneurship and startups. Please visit our “Membership” page to find a membership that fits your schedule and goals. You may also speak with the Community Manager to find a membership that is right for you cm@creed63.com

What perks and benefits does my membership include?

We offer a ton of amenities to include the following, please check our membership guide for additional details. 

  • Breakroom
  • Reservable Meeting Rooms
  • Community Manager Onsite 
  • Reservable Discount Guest Passes
  • Beverages & Snacks
  • Dedicated Networks
  • Community Programming
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Mailing Services & Receiving 
  • Printer, Copier and Scanner
  • Workshops, Seminars, Classes
  • Clean and Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Member Directory
  • Partner Discounts
  • Streaming Services
  • Event Space Discount
  • Pitch Competition Access
  • Closed Community FB Group

Do all memberships begin on the 1st of the month?

Yes and no, memberships begin the day you sign up, as you are charged a prorated amount for the month. At the time you sign up you will have full use of your chosen membership, including monthly credits. Your due date will always be on the first. This keeps it simple for everyone. 

When are you open?

Our staff is on site between 9AM - 6PM Monday through Friday. 

For members, please refer to your membership guide for access hours, which is accessible using your digital key card. 

Can I try before I buy?

Of Course! Non-Members may come by for a tour, purchase a day pass,  or book meeting rooms. While onsite you have access to all of our amenities. 

Do I have to be a member or can I just drop in?

No, you do not have to be a member. We offer day passes that you can purchase online or drop in.

Why do I need to scan in and out?

This allows us to track how many people are onsite and how many seats are available. 

How do I know I’ll have a seat when I arrive?

People are always coming in and out and our Community Manager will help you find seating. 

Are conference rooms included in a monthly membership?

Yes, all of the monthly Co-Working memberships come with conference and training room time built in. If you are in need of additional hours, you may purchase them at the member rate of $20.00 per hour. Please be sure you have scheduled your space in advance. 

Be sure you select the package that covers the amount of reservable time you need. 

Is Podcast studio time included in a monthly membership?

No, the Podcast studio is not included in your monthly membership, as it is a separate membership package. Members only get a tour of the studio. Members may sign up for the free podcast class to learn more about Podcasting, the studio equipment and to test out if Podcasting is something they want to embark on. 

Can I change or cancel a reservation?

Yes, simply log in to your account and modify or cancel your reservation. Please keep in mind that you must cancel one hour prior, otherwise you will be charged for the reservation. 

What are the phone rules?

The main rule is to be conscientious and respectful of the people around you. In our social areas, short and quiet calls are fine, but please use the designated phone area or a meeting room if you need to take a long or loud call. 

Do you have lockers or somewhere I can leave my things?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer lockers.

Where can I park?

We don’t have dedicated parking for members. We recommend street parking or the parking deck on 5th Ave North. Remember this is a tourist area, parking may be limited depending on the time of year or event happening.

Can I bring food?

Yes, bring us some too. For the nose of your hungry neighbor, we ask that you consume large meals in the fully stocked kitchen. 

Can I bring my dog?

We would love to meet your dog (pets), but unfortunately, we have to ask that you leave them at home. 

May I bring a guest to CREED63?

Of course! It’s very easy to sign your guests in. Every membership comes with guest passes included for the month. If you reserve a conference room your guest does not need to scan in. 

How do I print?

A wireless printer and scanner are available for member use. Please see your Community Manager to get connected.

How do I access the building outside of my membership hours?

You may come by during business hours. Outside of business hours please call or send your Community Manager a message. We will do our best to restore emergency access in the event it is needed. 

When am I billed?

Everyone is billed on the 1st of the month and your membership is due by 11:59 PM on the 5th of every month. 

How do I change my plan?

You may log into your account at any time and change your plan.

Is there a contract?

All memberships are month to month and automatically renew, unless you cancel before your next renewal date or unless we have entered into a lease with your for your virtual office, which requires a 12-month membership lease. However, private offices require a twelve-month commitment and are considered more of a lease than membership.

How do I pause or cancel my membership?

You may put your account on hold for up to 2-4 weeks every 6 months or cancel your membership completely. If you cancel your membership, the cancellation goes into effect at the end of your billing cycle, and unfortunately, we cannot offer retroactive refunds for processed renewals. You can re-subscribe at any time. 

How do I restart my membership after pausing it?

We have made our portal your one stop shop. You can do everything on the portal including, reactivating your membership. 

Can I add mail and package handling?

Yes, this feature is coming soon. You can look forward to mail forwarding, sorting, scanning and check deposits. 

How do I reserve a conference room or a workspace?

Members may reserve a conference room by logging into their account. Non-members will need to create a free community account to schedule any meeting rooms. 

What size are your conference rooms?

We have three conference room areas. The conference room seats 12, the signing table seats 4 and the training room seats 20. Please note that we can configure the space for either standing, seating with tables or seating without tables. Either of these could increase or decrease the amount of people able to fit in the space. Members may also reserve the entire space for their own private events. Please speak with your community manager to make arrangements. 

What is a Day Pass/Visitor Pass?

Access for one day (9:00AM-6:00PM) to a designated work area in the shared/common area, working side-by-side with other members.

You will have space to work for the day and Wi-Fi access. You will also have access to the amenities. You may purchase day passes in person. 

What methods of payment do you accept?

You may by credit card, PayPal, cash app or ACH. Checks are accepted for those with extended monthly membership agreements. 

Is there a deposit required or a setup fee required to secure a dedicated desk of a private office?

Yes, there is a deposit required. Private offices must sign a minimum six-month agreement.

Why do you have monthly memberships?

Monthly memberships allow our members freedom and flexibility. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, and we don’t want long term commitments to interfere with business building progress. 

When I leave do I have to give notice to cancel my membership?

No not at all. We respect your decision, and our door is always open if you need to return. However, our private offices do need to give 30 day notice as private offices operate more as tenant leases. 

How do I register my guest that are attending for a meeting?

Guests coming in for a meeting do not have to sign in.

Do you charge late fees?

While we do understand that businesses can have cash flow matters that arise, we do have to enforce a late fee of 10% of the outstanding invoices for payments that haven’t been received by the 5th of the month. Please speak with you Community Manager if you think you might have a problem during an upcoming month and we’ll do our best to work with you. 

How do I update my payment information?

Please login to your membership portal to change payment method. 

How can I review my monthly invoice and charges?

Please login to your membership portal to review your invoices and charges. 

What kinds of events do you host for your members?

Events at CREED are designed for you to network and gain actionable ideas to grow your business. Events include pitch competitions, workshops, lunch and learns, work-sprints and socials on various topics to help you personally grow and scale your business.

What are the benefits of Co-Working?
  • Keep Your Overhead Low
  • Professional Office Appearance 
  • Turnkey Workspace
  • Meet New Customers
  • Build Relationships
  • Increase Your Skills
  • Engage In Meaningful Conversations 
  • Be More Productive
  • Grow At a Comfortable Pace 
How Does Reservable Free Resource Time Work?
  • Free Time is deducted from the member's account as soon as the time is booked, not when the reservation starts. 
  • Free Time will be returned if reservation is cancelled before its start time.  
  • Free time is applied to the month during which the member books a reservation, not the month during which the reservation is scheduled.
  • Free time resets on the 1st of the month, even for day pass members.  
  • Free time is used before attempting to use a user's payment source or team payment method.
  • Free time is not prorated.
  • Members can see remaining free time on their Reservations tab on their account.